even the big guys make mistakes: the new tracee ellis ross site gets a charlie horse?!


it’s been a very long day. i’ve been up since the wee hours helping a client launch a campaign. and this is after i’ve already spent ALL weekend looking at the same things over, and over, and over…

needless to say, everything started to look the same and i started making silly mistakes. you know. the kind you make when you’re exhausted.

i decided to take a break by eating the rest of my old wilted salad while catching up with my best friend: google reader.

nothing, nothing. forward to friend. boring. read. nothing. delete. send to self to read later. oh!? “Tracee Ellis Ross Gives Peek Into Her Fab Life With New Website" that’s cool — check it out.

so, i click on the link to her site and nothing. well not nothing. it returned with a database error.

ok. that sucks!

not only do i know what that’s like, but i actually took time to read/check out the site of a “famous person” and the site isn’t working! (short on time and attention span, i normally stick to sites like inc, entrepreneur, freelance folder/switch, the matador network.)

ok. one more try. i’m in!

ok. cool. cute and honest post about fake ta-tas. maybe i’ll come back.

then i notice some stuff about fashion and wonder if any of these brands are paying her.

i hope so!

i poke around a bit more trying to find a terms page and stumble across a link for advertisers.

ah-ha! but of course. great move. diversify your brand. i respect your hustle. huh? who is You, Me & Charlie?

oh, dayum! i don’t have time to investigate.

clients are waiting on me and the BF just walked in with that nooner look in his eye.



hey fellow #entrepreneur of color: “BLF’s Founder @jaistone would like to solicit your comments on her recent interview with Alfred Edmond, Jr. , SVP/Editor-at-large of Black Enterprise Magazine… ” read more here.

“It’s important that we stop looking at each other as competitors and see each other as allies and resources.You see males being a lot more successful at that because they have a tendency to recognize how being in business with someone can help further their agenda as opposed to hoarding that business and not allowing someone else an opportunity to come in and actually help them broaden that opportunity or that situation. What we need to do is kind of wrap our heads around the concept: the more we surround ourselves with other strong hard-working dynamic women, the bigger and better we make the opportunities that we’re involved in. There’s enough for everyone to go around, as long as we think of it more as expanding our resources.”

Hip-Hop Business Maven Mona Scott-Young Talks Running the Show - BLACK ENTERPRISE

i’ve not been fortunate enough to have a female business partner, but i’ve collaborated with some amazing men on various projects. before reading this article, i thought about how fortunate i am to be currently working with someone that i respect. i admire his work, dedication, drive, and attention to detail. working with him challenges me to do and be better.

working with someone is not always easy, but it definitely presents more opportunities for growth.

i’d love to have an opportunity to work with a woman who inspires me at the level he does.

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